Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great College Football

A great week(end) of college football is ahead.

Big notable games include Oregon State at Oregon and also Florida against Alabama, but don't forget games such as Central Michigan versus Ohio and Pittsburgh versus Cincinnati.

Get by that radio to hear the show on Tuesday from 12:30-1:30, then sit around that TV to follow the games throughout the week.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Football Weekend

Be looking out for a great weekend in college football. LSU matches up with Alabama. Ohio State faces Penn State. Even some intrigue in Pac-10 match-ups Oregon at Stanford, and Oregon State at California. Locally, Cal Poly faces UC Davis here in the great town of Davis.

Go Aggies!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the Air Soon!

As the hour approaches 2am Tuesday morning, the next edition of the Brett and Chuck Power Hour, A.K.A. "Sports Chat", is just under 11 hours away. The sports minds of Brett and Chuck are busy thinking about the best bit of info for discussion for Tuesday. Hopefully this week we'll get some callers to help us discuss the World Series, NCAA football and a bit of local news.

12:30-1:30 Tuesday, KDRT 95.7fm, online at

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top 5 NCAA Teams?

Who do you think are the Top 5 team in college football?? I think the table may be set for two big conversations during the show on Tuesday. Obviously, we'll touch on the 2009 World Series between the Yankees and the Phillies. 5 games will be completed, any maybe the entire series. Secondly, we'll talk about college football. A great segment this week will be each of our Top 5 teams in college football, and why. Hopefully we'll get a little feisty and opinionated on the show, and maybe even be lucky enough to have a caller or two.

Happy November!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A-Rod isn't the One People Should Be Worried About, by Chuck (C.J.)

In the first 2 games of the World Series, Alex Rodriguez went a whopping 0-8 ,with a World Series first back to back 3 strikeout games. He hadn't touched first base after having a remarkable ALDS and ALCS.

Needless to say, he got very acquainted with all of the bases tonight. He got on base four out of five tries tonight, his first World Series hit was a home run,and it seems all the "What happened to A-Rod" questions that weren't new to him went back into obscurity. With that said, looking forward to Game 4, people shouldn't be concerned about Alex or any Yankee hitter for that matter. No, who they should be concerned about matched Alex's remarkable postseason with one of his own. Ryan Howard has evaded the scorn of writers and most of the media thanks to Alex Rodriguez, but Rodriguez's good night has turned the eye to the abysmal statistics that Howard has put up (2-12 with 8 K's and an RBI). Alex Rodriguez stressed to everyone after the game that the reason he had a good night was that he was "swinging at strikes", instead of being vintage A-Rod and trying to turn any pitch into a souvenir. Howard on the other hand, has a track record of swinging and missing but when he does connect they go far. He's still batting .295 this postseason which is his best, but he has to emulate what Rodriguez did in Game 3 in order for the Phillies to have a chance in Game 4. Not taking away from the stellar games Chase Utley and Jayson Werth are having, but lets face it, Rodriguez swallowed the criticism and pretty much carried the team into the World Series, something he's been trying to do since he donned the pinstripes, and Howard played fantastic to get the Phillies back to the World Series. And still not taking away from the other hitters, but these two guys need to contribute every game for their teams to have a chance. Sure, Werth and Utley both had 2 home run games, but can you really rely on those guys to have big games every game, while at the same time Howard can whiff every at bat? Bottom line, if the Phillies want to get back in this series, Howard obviously needs to step it up, he might not be as fun to criticize as Alex Rodriguez with his massive paycheck, but at least he's earning his money (finally). If Howard does good, the momentum may swing back in the Phillies favor, but that pendulum is gonna struggle to swing their way if CC Sabathia keeps pitching the way he has. And Sabathia may be the last person Howard needs right now.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sacramento Kings

The NBA season is fully underway! As I watch the second Sacramento Kings game of the 2009-2010 NBA season, I am overjoyed at the Kings 12-8 lead over New Orleans just 4 minutes into the season. Misleading as it may be, the Kings defense early has been much better than in game one, getting in passing lanes and forcing turnovers. Next thing to work on....boxing out and not allowing so many offensive rebounds!! Time for big Jason Thompson, Sean May, Spencer Hawes and Jon Brockman to get some rebounds.

Go Kings!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No on P!

The Brett and Chuck Power Hour is officially endorsing "No on P", a measure on the City of Davis Election Ballot November 3, "Really UNaffordable, Really NOT Needed". Don't forget to go vote!

A quick thought before I doze, by C.J. (Chuck)

I'm new to the whole blogging scene but I figured since the Power Hour was really taking off that we'd broaden our horizons. Today we added a Facebook group--Which anyone who reads this should join if they havent already-- and an official blogging site to make things more professional. It is currently 2:02 in the morning, I should be looking over my math test for tomorrow morning, but my heart is telling me to focus on this, besides when am I gonna need to distribute 3x(4+2y)^2 in real life anyways. So as the Joker would say, "Here we go."

As we all know Game 1 of the World Series is tomorrow, with two former Indians(or Native Americans, but it does not roll off the tongue as well) facing each other. On the Power Hour facebook page we have a discussion board of who will win the World Series MVP. It is a very valid question, but the most important question that we can hypothesize on is which pitching staff will show up in this series? We discussed on the show how the Yankees and the Phillies pitching is very similar. Both have a bonafide ace in Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia. Both have the veteran pitcher gunning for another ring in Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez. Both also have the shaky starter whose dominance can change from inning to inning in A.J. Burnett and Cole Hamels. Their bullpens have had a little role reversal from the season as well. During the season the Yankees bullpen was outstanding, and many people thought that the Yankees workhorses out of the pen,Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Mariano Rivera would essientally cut the game down to 6 innings. They used that manuever in 1996 with Rivera and Wetteland,so why wouldnt it work in 2009? It was adequate during the ALDS and ALCS, but not dominating as people thought it would be. The blame can be put on Girardi's shoulders for not letting Chamberlain and Hughes really get comfortable, instead having them pitch to one batter, then going for lefty on lefty matchups where unproven guys even during the regualar season such as Damaso Marte pitch with the game on the line. I could talk for days about the Yankees, and if you dont think so then try me (just hook it up with hella Mountain Dew to keep me awake, shoutout to Caron Butler)but to wrap up my point is Girardi should let his three amigos in the pen do their jobs and get one inning each. That way you cut the game down to 6 innings and make it that much harder for the Phillies to get something started. Chamberlain and Hughes were brought up as starters, so they could definately pitch one inning. Unless Sabathia is on the bump, then they can just sit back and relax(gulp, I just jinxed game 1).

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's Tuesday night, and we're making our blog debut. We home and warm again after our 9:15 co-ed softball game. Sadly, the opposing team forfeited due to not having enough people. Presumably, they were too intimidated to all show up and face us tonight. It was tremendously windy, but good old Chuck was still able to pitch well for our scrimmage against the 7 folks their team did have.

Tomorrow night, 3 things will happen. Number one, we'll watch the World Series between the Yankees and Phillies kick-off from NY at 4:57pm local time. We'll gather 'round the big screen, have a Coke and eat some pasta. Number two, we'll bounce between the World Series game and the first Sacramento Kings game of the year. Tip-off is at 5:00pm, or just a moment after the World Series begins. Thirdly, we'll leave home at 7:00pm at the latest, to get to our 7:15pm Men's Slow-Pitch softball game. We're taking on Immortal Minority at Playfields Park in our final game of 2009. To celebrate, we're picking names out of a hat for our batting order, and picking names out of a hat to decide what defensive positions everyone will play. It could be an interesting night, but most of all, a victory.

Then we'll hustle home to check in with the two big sporting events of the night.

Next Tuesday during the show, we'll make sure to chat about the World Series, wrap of 2009 slow-pitch softball, talk about the NBA, and check in with the UC Davis Aggies.

Have a great week!!