Monday, November 8, 2010

NFL Weekend in Review

Quick thoughts...
1. There is trouble in Cincinnati.
2. There is big trouble in Dallas.
3. There are many happy fans in Oakland.
4. There is minor encouragement in Minnesota.
5. Tampa Bay is for real.
6. Carolina stinks.
7. Seattle stinks.
8. Detroit doesn't stink.
9. The NFL is tremendously balanced.
10. It's November, and Buffalo has not won.

As for the Power Hour NFL picks, a 9-4 week is a welcoming site. Toss out the irrational but obligatory picks of Dallas and Cincinnati, and we're staring 9-2 (or 11-2?) in the face. It's encouraging, but we take that with a large grain of salt. Every favorite, save for Cleveland, won this weekend. The lone underdog I believed could win was Buffalo, but no luck there. The entire 2010 season has been filled with the underdogs pulling upsets, so natually picking a few more upsets would have been a popular choice. Detroit, Kansas City, Houston, Miami and Indianapolis were all underdogs who were popular picks to win. However, none did.

Case in point, picking the favorites and succeeding is enjoyable, but pass the salt before you hold your head too high. Check back next week for our attempt to repeat our successful performance, and our efforts to pick winners and throw out the obligatory picks.

ESPN Sunday Night Crew

In one of the most intriguing storylines of Monday (move over, Dallas), ESPN chose not to renew the contracts of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, who have served as the voices of Sunday Night Baseball for the past 21 years.

I'm a bit surprised by this because these two have been a staple of Sunday evenings for such a long time. I'm curious to see what, if any, underlying pretenses may have caused these two not to be brought back. As a Giants fan, I'd love to hear Jon Miller on KNBR for all 162 games next season, but I'm still surprised they are moving in a different direction.

Who will be on the mic for Sunday Night Baseball in 2011? Brett and Chuck? (we wish...)

College Basketball Arrives

Early November each year always means many things:

1. The BCS race is heating up in college football.
2. The NASCAR Chase Cup is also down to its final races.
3. The World Series of Poker is in full gear. (WSOP yes!!!)
4. The Chargers are getting in gear.
5. The NBA season is still an afterthought.
6. MLB free agency speculation grows.
7. Softball season is exactly five months away.
8. It's time to go turkey hunting for my November 25th feast.
9. Boise State and other non-BCS schools are "getting the shaft."
10. .......


After waiting 7 long months (or 8 if your team did not go dancing) since Duke topped Butler in the National Championship game, the boys are back in town. College basketball season is here, and March Madness and its new 68-team tournament are only 4+ months away. Today marks the start of the season, with 5 games, including gems West Alabama at Troy and Seattle at Maryland. Don't forget games featuring ranked squads Pittsburgh, Illinois and Texas playing against cupcakes.

Exhibiting play is wrapping up, including a game on Saturday here in town featuring our local UC Davis Aggies. No offense, but the Aggies humiliated themselves in a 67-62 loss against the San Francisco Academy of Art Urban Knights. The who?!?!??? C'mon Ags, you are loaded with returning and new talent, and I have great expectations for you to compete for the Big West conference title, THIS SEASON. So please, get it in gear guys, my season tickets just arrived in the mail and I want to see some solid basketball.