Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trade Deadline + more....

At this 1:05 am hour, pretty much all that's on my mind is the fast-approaching trade deadline. ESPN, among other sports coverage folks, have tabbed Prince Fielder as one of the main players who might relocate prior to the July 31st MLB trade deadline.

Of course, my attention is particularly focused on Mr. Fielder because my SF Giants are one of the teams rumored to be called about the Prince. My boys of black and orange are one of the two main suitors I have read about as great fits for Prince, with the other being the Chicago White Sox. The Sox are surprisingly in the lead of the AL Central, and adding Fielder's bat with the opportunity for him to split time at DH is very ideal.

However, in my perfect world, Fielder will somehow finagle his way over to the Bay, without the Giants giving up too much. Jonathan Sanchez, along with minor league Brandon Belt, are the two names I am hearing most. 20 year-old prodigy Madison Bumgarner is also a hot topic, but the Giants might be hesitant to trade away their beloved Golden Boy.

Whatever the case, I just hope that IF the Giants do trade for Fielder, they don't send the house. As of TODAY, things are jamming away just fine for the Giants. The offense is functional, the pitching staff is capable, and the bullpen is holding their own. I'm sure a week from now when the boys score 1 run total during the 4 game series vs. the Marlins, I'll be quite outspoken otherwise.

Here is link to some chatter from ESPN analyst John Kruk about fielder....