Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No on P!

The Brett and Chuck Power Hour is officially endorsing "No on P", a measure on the City of Davis Election Ballot November 3, "Really UNaffordable, Really NOT Needed". Don't forget to go vote!

A quick thought before I doze, by C.J. (Chuck)

I'm new to the whole blogging scene but I figured since the Power Hour was really taking off that we'd broaden our horizons. Today we added a Facebook group--Which anyone who reads this should join if they havent already-- and an official blogging site to make things more professional. It is currently 2:02 in the morning, I should be looking over my math test for tomorrow morning, but my heart is telling me to focus on this, besides when am I gonna need to distribute 3x(4+2y)^2 in real life anyways. So as the Joker would say, "Here we go."

As we all know Game 1 of the World Series is tomorrow, with two former Indians(or Native Americans, but it does not roll off the tongue as well) facing each other. On the Power Hour facebook page we have a discussion board of who will win the World Series MVP. It is a very valid question, but the most important question that we can hypothesize on is which pitching staff will show up in this series? We discussed on the show how the Yankees and the Phillies pitching is very similar. Both have a bonafide ace in Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia. Both have the veteran pitcher gunning for another ring in Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez. Both also have the shaky starter whose dominance can change from inning to inning in A.J. Burnett and Cole Hamels. Their bullpens have had a little role reversal from the season as well. During the season the Yankees bullpen was outstanding, and many people thought that the Yankees workhorses out of the pen,Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Mariano Rivera would essientally cut the game down to 6 innings. They used that manuever in 1996 with Rivera and Wetteland,so why wouldnt it work in 2009? It was adequate during the ALDS and ALCS, but not dominating as people thought it would be. The blame can be put on Girardi's shoulders for not letting Chamberlain and Hughes really get comfortable, instead having them pitch to one batter, then going for lefty on lefty matchups where unproven guys even during the regualar season such as Damaso Marte pitch with the game on the line. I could talk for days about the Yankees, and if you dont think so then try me (just hook it up with hella Mountain Dew to keep me awake, shoutout to Caron Butler)but to wrap up my point is Girardi should let his three amigos in the pen do their jobs and get one inning each. That way you cut the game down to 6 innings and make it that much harder for the Phillies to get something started. Chamberlain and Hughes were brought up as starters, so they could definately pitch one inning. Unless Sabathia is on the bump, then they can just sit back and relax(gulp, I just jinxed game 1).

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