Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's Tuesday night, and we're making our blog debut. We home and warm again after our 9:15 co-ed softball game. Sadly, the opposing team forfeited due to not having enough people. Presumably, they were too intimidated to all show up and face us tonight. It was tremendously windy, but good old Chuck was still able to pitch well for our scrimmage against the 7 folks their team did have.

Tomorrow night, 3 things will happen. Number one, we'll watch the World Series between the Yankees and Phillies kick-off from NY at 4:57pm local time. We'll gather 'round the big screen, have a Coke and eat some pasta. Number two, we'll bounce between the World Series game and the first Sacramento Kings game of the year. Tip-off is at 5:00pm, or just a moment after the World Series begins. Thirdly, we'll leave home at 7:00pm at the latest, to get to our 7:15pm Men's Slow-Pitch softball game. We're taking on Immortal Minority at Playfields Park in our final game of 2009. To celebrate, we're picking names out of a hat for our batting order, and picking names out of a hat to decide what defensive positions everyone will play. It could be an interesting night, but most of all, a victory.

Then we'll hustle home to check in with the two big sporting events of the night.

Next Tuesday during the show, we'll make sure to chat about the World Series, wrap of 2009 slow-pitch softball, talk about the NBA, and check in with the UC Davis Aggies.

Have a great week!!