Saturday, November 27, 2010

College Football; What a Weekend

The college football season took another incredible turn this weekend, with two top five teams losing and seven Top 25 teams losing altogether. (Boise State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina State, Iowa)

The nation's top two teams, Oregon and Auburn, were both victorious this weekend. That means if each wins in their final games next weekend, they will meet for the BCS National Championship in January. If either loses, the top teams behind them are likely to be TCU, Stanford and Wisconsin.

Boise State, previously #4 in the BCS Standings, was beaten by #19 Nevada in Reno. The Broncos season will now not finish in a BCS Bowl, as they had dreamed all season long. 

LSU, previously #5 in the BCS Standings, was beating by #12 Arkansas on the road. The Tigers were hoping to represent the SEC as a secondary BCS team, but now will not. Arkansas may have an outside shot at a BCS game depending on how games finish out next weekend. 

Here's what we anticipate for the upcoming BCS Standings, which will be released tomorrow:

1. Auburn (12-0)
2. Oregon (11-0)
3. TCU (12-0)
4. Stanford (11-1)
5. Wisconsin (11-1)
6. Ohio State (11-1)
7. Arkansas (10-2)
8. Michigan State (11-1)
9. Oklahoma (10-2)
10. Boise State (11-1)
11. LSU (10-2)
12. Missouri (10-2)
13. Nebraska (10-2)
14. Nevada (11-1)
15. Virginia Tech (10-2)
16. Oklahoma State (10-2)
17. Alabama (9-3)
18. Texas A&M (9-3)
19. South Carolina (9-3)
20. Utah (10-2)
21. Florida State (9-3)
22. Mississippi State (8-4)
23. West Virginia (8-3)
24. Northern Illinois (10-2)
25. Arizona (8-3)

Projected (BCS) Conference Champions:

ACC: Virginia Tech 
          (Virginia Tech will face Florida State on December 4 for ACC Title)

Big East: West Virginia
         (West Virginia, Connecticut and Pittsburgh are currently tied atop the Big East. If Connecticut    wins next weekend at South Florida, then Connecticut will represent the Big East in a BCS game. We project South Florida will defeat Connecticut. We project West Virginia and Pittsburgh will both win their respective games, ending the season tied atop the conference. West Virginia holds the advantage through the head-to-head tiebreaker)

Big 10: Wisconsin
        (Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan are tied atop the Big 10 Standings. We project that Wisconsin will be the highest team of these three in the final BCS Standings, which is the tiebreaker when more than a two-team tie is present. Wisconsin will represent the Big 10 in a BCS Game.)

Big 12: Oklahoma
       (Nebraska will represent the Big 12 North in the Big 12 Championship Game, set to take place next weekend. The representative from the Big 12 South will be either Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or Texas A&M. We anticipate that Oklahoma will be the highest ranked team of these three in the BCS Standings that are released tomorrow, and will therefore face Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship. 

Pac-10: Oregon
      (The Ducks have clinched the Pac-10 Championship. If they beat Oregon State on December 4, they    will almost certainly be in the BCS National Championship game.)

SEC: Auburn
      (Auburn will face South Carolina for the SEC Championship on December 4.)

Check back tomorrow for the first edition of our BCS Bowl Projections.

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