Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL Picks

A tad late, so the NFL picks won't be nearly as thorough as I dreamed. Alas, here they are....

Buffalo over Detroit: Yes, Bills fans, the victory bell finally rings and the home crowd goes wild.

Minnesota over Chicago: Brett Favre won't throw for 400+ yards, but he and A.P. will get a win on the road.

New York Jets over Cleveland: I wanted to pick the Browns, simply because of their effort last week beating New England, but I see the Jets getting things in order following a shutout loss at home last weekend. One thing is for sure, one Ryan brother will beat another.

Cincinnati over Indianapolis: This one isn't even an obligatory pick. I think the team we all thought Cincinnati could be finally puts together a game.

Tennessee over Miami: Chris Johnson runs wild in a strong Titans win.

Tampa Bay over Carolina: The Panthers cannot win without a quarterback.

Houston over Jacksonville: The Texans bounce back from a frustrating home loss to beat the up-and-down Jaguars.

Kansas City over Denver: D.J. Williams really put a damper on the Broncos' already shaky season.

New York Giants over Dallas: Eli makes sure the new era doesn't start well for the Cowboys.

Arizona ties Seattle: I think no one wins this game. Tie.

San Francisco over Seattle: A "bye" week gave the 49ers a chance to prepare to stop rookie Sam Bradford and the Rams.

Pittsburgh over New England: A great Sunday night matchup. The home team gains the edge.

Philadelphia over Washington: This Monday night affair is another retro Vick party.

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