Sunday, November 7, 2010

NFL Predictions

Atlanta over Tampa Bay: Because it is in Atlanta, and Michael Turner is running very well.

Buffalo over Chicago: Why not? The Bills have played tough in two consecutive losses, and I think they finally get their due at home.

New England over Cleveland: Tom Brady leads the Pats over the Browns easily.

New York Jets over Detroit: Despite the Lions being at home, their defense wins the day.

Minnesota over Arizona: Arizona's QBs stink (even though I love Derek Anderson).

New Orleans over Carolina: Do I need to elaborate?

Baltimore over Miami: The Ravens host, and their defense slows Henne and the 'Fins

San Diego over Houston: Please tell me the Chargers are "getting it in gear," as usual this time of year

New York Giants over Seattle: The Giants front seven is fierce, and Matt Hassleback is unavailable

Oakland over Kansas City: The Raiders are playing decent football? Odd....I credit the team for getting rid of JaMarcus....

Philadelphia over Indianapolis: Just barely, but only because Indy RBs are beat up...(and Vick is back!!!) ((woof))

Dallas over Green Bay: Obligatory pick for CJ. Kitna scores enough to win.

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh: Bengals win at home!! Ochocinco finally has a game. Finally.

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